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T1135 - can I add as many lines as I need in Section 7?


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With reference to Section 7 (Property held in an account with a Canadian registered securities dealer or trust company) of the CRA Form T1135 (Foreign Income Verification Statement- see attached), does UFile limit how many lines I can add? E.g., if I need 8 lines because I hold shares in 8 foreign companies, and the standard T1135 only provides 3 lines, does UFile have the capability for me to add 5 more lines or as many as I need? (As you may all know, you can add lines practically without limit on the electronic form that you can download from CRA's website.) The reason I ask is, with the tax return software that I'm using now, 3 lines is the maximum and I cannot add a single line more! So if I'm going to switch, I ABSOLUTELY need to know that UFILE can help me with that! Thanks in advance for your help/advice!

t1135-fill-19e (Blank Form).pdf

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  • NIMBEARS changed the title to T1135 - can I add as many lines as I need in Section 7?

Thanks, Curmudgeon, but are you sure that only the top 3 countries need to be reported on T1135? I am aware you only have to show aggregate amounts, but the instructions for T1135 didn't tell me I only had to show 3 countries. (I had shares from 7 countries this time.) Also, I'm wondering why CRA's own fillable form (from CRA's website) gives us the ability to add as many lines as we want.

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