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Getting an error about business fiscal date but my dates are correct

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Hi there, 

When I want to review and submit my taxes I receive an error that one of the businesses doesn't incude the correct fiscal year date but it does. I even deleted that business and reentered everything and receive the same error. Hope you can solve this issue by end of today. 


Thank you!


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Yes I used the pop up to add the date

This must be something else as I have deleted the business and then tried to see the review and still got the same message

I even have deleted my whole 2021 tax file and started over and had the same issue. Please advise as I really need to file my taxes today. Thank you!!

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Check the dates for each business. If you also have rental income check the dates you entered for that schedule as well. Also look at any CCA schedules and check dates of acquisition of assets. Make sure after entering the dates you move off the date box to another field before you calculate to view the file.

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Hi Anahita! HI hope you have been able to re-submit. I am getting an error message as well and thinking of deleting and re-starting as you did but I am afraid to get charged again if I do that. Could you please share? 

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