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Tax return pdf copy shows wrong CPP amount


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The problem started with a higher than expected tax amount afternetfile was submitted.
When I then checked the details in the 38 page of the pdf copy, I found that Ufile shows $11082 for the CPP amount even though I had entered the correct amount of $5541 from box 20 of the T4A (P) slip. I entered that amount in box 14 on the Ufile "Interview" page since box 20 does not exist.

This was on the return for my wife.

I did the same for my CPP payments, entered my CPP amount in box 20 on my T4A (P) slip in box 14 on the Ufile "Interview" page and the CPP amount shown in my final pdf copy is correct.

Does anyone have an idea why the CPP amount shown for my wife is double what it should be?

I have used Ufile for years, we do pension income splitting, have done that for years as well - never an issue with Ufile before sinceour return is very basic.

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Thanks for the reply.


To start, CPP is not an income allowable for the pension split.

>>>> Yes, I know

Did you use Autofill perhaps?

>>>> Tried to on my Ufile return but it didn't work - just received the "Loading" message forever. But the problem is with my wife's CPP amount, never tried auto-loading with her account.

Box 20 includes the amount from Box 14, so of course you only enter Box 14 amounts.

>>>>> I eventually figured that out. But everywhere else in the "Interview" section, the box number on Ufile matches the box number on the T4 slips, just for CPP on has to guess where to put the amount from box 20 of the T4A since box 20 doesn't exist in Ufile.

Did you load 2 T4A(P) slips by chance?

>>>>> I double checked that, I did not, but I don't think Ufile would even let you load a second T4A (P) entry


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Yes Curmudgeon, I agree.

I just checked the T4A (P) slip again more carefully and now saw boxes 14 to 19 at the right under SIN and Effective date, not aross the top where I expected them to be (like on the T4A (OAS) slip..

In any case, Box 14 shows the same amount as box 20 and boxes15 to 19 are all blank. I should not have mentioned what I thought was an issue regarding box 20,it's just a layout of the T4A (P) slip that I found confusing.

I triple-checked everything again this afternoon, including all the suggestions here, and I still get the $5541 twice in the pdf copy.

I tried submitting a revised return via NETfile but the system won't let me.

Tells me I have to send in a paper copy.

Since CRA has the correct $5541 amount for the CPPpayments, I assume they will just correct that when they process my returns.

I called CRA today, after waiting about 45 minutes (via callback) finally got to talk to an agent, went through the long process of verifying my identity, explained the problem, she put me on hold and five minutes later the system switched me to the feedback menu.

I'm not sure I want to go through that again unless I absolutely have to.


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Just before I started this topic, I spoke to UFile support and that was pretty much their immediate comment - that I either had two T4A (P) slips or that I entered the info twice.

Neither one of those assumptions are true.

Ufile support offered to look at the total return top see what is going on and said they would send me an email so that I can provide authorization for them to look at the return, but I never received that email. Instead I received a somewhat canned reply with a set of FAQ links that might relate to this issue - none did, an also a link to this community support group.

Maybe I should at least send a note to CRA with a paper copy of the revised return to support the income tax amount owed owed.

And at the same time go back to Ufile support and try to get them to look at this issue.

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