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Netfile File rejected :Result 49-S


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I am having issue with filing taxes , it says file rejected 0 errors, 0 warning , but give me Result 49-S  points out to one or more entries in your financial statement require correction, but cant figure out . I have downloaded my return thru CRA which populated everything for me, and cant find error anywhere . 

Any help would be great, cant find much info of 49-S

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Hello nik739,

CRA Netfile error 49-s issue has been reported due to :

Has multiple T5008s (over 200) from AFR download - - some have 'cost or book value = NULL

Please enter the landlord's province of residence and postal code or, alternately, do not complete the foreign rental address when a rental property is located in the United States or in a foreign country.

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I have the same issue. It is the first year of business with the start of the business year in Sept 2022 and the end in Aug 2023. I tried changing the business year end to Dec 2022 but that did not solve the issue. A T4A was issued to me for fees. However the payment was really an honorarium as there was no agreement concerning the fees.

There are no warning or errors during the Review of the return but Netfile attempts result in the 49-S error.

Is there any way of determining what omission is causing the error?

Is the only alternative to mail in a paper copy of the return?

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Hello Tony Stephens,

Error 49-S  one or more entries in your financial statement require correction

If first year of operation then select :

T2125 - Business

Enter details of income and expenses for this business. Do not enter any motor vehicle expenses, home office expenses or CCA here. Other specific forms are provided for those expenses.

Tick if this is the first year of operations [ ]

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