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Incorrect Tax year start in field 60


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Hello swhefk,

In order to change your start date, please go to the corporate history, which comes under the Interview page, and put your start date beside the line END DATE OF PRIOR TAX YEAR.

If the issue persists please open a request ticket with T2 Support when logged in to UFile T2 using the Support request form.

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Where in the interview does this come up?  I see no such field tell me which section of the interview it is in.  I have spent 3 days looking for this.

The T2 Support request form DOES NOT work.  The page keeps going unresponsive in Chrome and has for days now.



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Note I have submitted two request tickets with T2 support, there was supposed to be an auto response within 15 minutes.  I have received none and checked both my spam and trash.  

Is there actually support for this product?  I don't know how to get any....

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Hello swhefk,

Our wbsite is currently undergoing maintenance until Friday, June 24. Please note that some of our services (account creation, email, password reset, support request) may be disrupted during that period.

For your specific issue please go to :

>>Interview >> Final return up to dissolution
Effective date of change 31-05-2022 <-----OK
Immediately preceding year end of corporation 31-12-2021 <-----CHANGE to 31-12-2020

>>T2 : Tax year-end
Year Month Day 2021 01 01  Year Month Day 2021 12 31  <-----OK

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