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Error - Depreciation Does Not Equal


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I am getting the error below in my 2020 T2 filing and can't figure out how to resolve it. Can someone please tell me how to fix it?

"Depreciation->Tangible assets, does not equal GIFI fields 8459+8670+9791. This error prevents filing. Click here to fix."


The depreciation of tangible assets does actually equal the GIFI fields referenced. See below:


Balance Sheet

8,735.00 >> 1788 (Accum amort of furniture and fixtures)
6,327.00 >> 1919 (Accum amort of leasehold improvements)
15,062.00 >> TOTAL


Income Statement

0.00 >> 8459 (Direct cost amortization of tangible assets)
15,062.00 >> 8670 (Amortization of tangible assets)
0.00 >> 9791 (Amortization of tangible assets)
15,062.00 >> TOTAL



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On 6/27/2022 at 9:10 AM, Geo123 said:

Hello salk904,

Please go to the Interview >> Net Income and complete Net Income Adjustments - for example :

>>Data Entry : Net Income  >> Depreciation and amortization recorded in the books



That worked. Thanks so much for your help.

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