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I am lock out of my account because the password needs to be changed. However, it need a  "receipt reference number," that I didn't keep 3 years ago, really mindless way to validate the identity. There are much easier and more secure way to validate someone.

Really frustrated because I may have lost all my previous years history. 

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Hello wd2023,

Please contact UFile Support so we may review the file confidentially.
For telephone support, please call: 514-733-8414 or 1-888-633-8414
An agent can review the issue with you.

Click Change or reset your password  >> enter username >> answer security question
  >>IF unknown enter unknown  >> Please try again or click here for different questions.
  >>Complete form with Receipt reference number
  >>If unknown >> If you cannot complete all fields, please contact us
  >>Complete form and a request ticket will be opened

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I have been waiting for over a day to get my password reset link. I've provided all the necessary information including the receipt reference number and yet no email.  I've also called and all I got was a request # . Please help asap. Thank you

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