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Non-resident emigrated from Quebec 2020

Patrick G

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For someone who was a resident of Quebec but emigrated out of the country in 2020, they still have to file a Quebec tax return. However, the software does not generate a Quebec tax return. Country of residence at the end of 2020 was outside Canada. How do I get the software to generate both a Canada and a Quebec tax return for a non-resident?

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Hello Patrick G,

1 - On the left-side menu of the "Interview tab", select "Identification" (the first item).


2 - On this page, go to the line "Province of residence on December 31st 2020" Choose from the drop-down menu  **the province that you lived in when you left Canada.**


3 - Then, return to the left side menu and select "Interview setup".


4 - In the page that appears to the right, check the box for "Immigrant, emigrant, non-resident taxpayer, you are a Canadian resident and your spouse immigrated to Canada in the year" and click "Next" at the bottom of the page.


5 - Return to the left side menu and select "Interview tab" and select the "Immigrant, emigrant, non-resident" and in the right-side screen, and click on the plus "+" icon to the right of the line "You emigrated from Canada in 2020".

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Hi Geo123,

I became a non-resident of Quebec&Canada in 2021, but still have to file a tax return for 2022 due to a Sale of a property in Quebec. I am only getting the Canadian and not the Quebec return. I tried to follow the steps above, but my case is that I was a non-resident all of 2022 and to say I emigrated from Canada in 2022 would be incorrect. Is there any other way of getting the Quebec return?

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Good day CatsRelax,

I assume that you are defined as a non-resident in your UFile 2022 file,
 - in your Identification page
 - with a Non-resident page

In order to trigger the Quebec return,
 - select Quebec as the Province of residence on December 31, 2022

For the Quebec prescription drug insurance plan,
select 4 - Exceptions all year, Other - living outside Quebec all year

There is a new field in the CRA questions page.
Are you a Canadian resident, a factual resident, or a non-resident?
Select "Non-resident".

There is a bug with that field as the content does not stay in the file.
 - you save your file
 - when you open it again, the field is empty
 - you need to make the selection again

However the T1 return is generated correctly.


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