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Capital loss carry backward


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CRA has reduced my OAS because I have high income more than $81,761 in 2021. The high income is the result of $51,836 Capital gain realized.

CRA requests I produce an estimate of 2022 income so they could increase the OAS amount back.

I used Ufile 2021 to make a simulation of 2022 tax return but CRA refused because the "tax owing is more than tax paid". (strange that they don't see the estimate 2022 income is less than $42000, way below the $81,761 OAS threshold)

I have realized very big capital loss in 2022 but cannot show that with Ufile. I filled $281,000 in the page "Loss carryback" but do not see a tax reduction.

Please help me to show them a negative amount of tax owning.

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