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My old email was deleted and I can't confirm any changes because it no longer exists


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My gmail was hacked and I deleted the account. I am unable to make the necessary updates to my account to change the email address and add a new password.

There is a UFILE server error on your automated reply with links, because your server doesn't accept the same email that you approved for contact.


Make it simple please. I also have a phone and text. So, Please use it.


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I'm sorry to hear about the issues you faced with your Gmail account, even though the thread is a year old, I'd like to offer some advice. Dealing with a hacked email account can be incredibly frustrating. It's essential to regain control and secure your digital presence.
If you haven't already resolved this, consider reaching out to Google's support directly or visiting their account recovery page. They might be able to assist you in recovering your account. Additionally, you can buy google account as a quick way to regain access to your email and associated accounts.
Once you've resolved this issue, be sure to enhance the security of your new email and password to prevent future problems.

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