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Nulable Object must have a value


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I appreciate your prompt response.  I did what you wrote but it took a few tries for it to work however the error message continues to pop up here and there while I complete the 2022 income tax. Can I ignore just ignore this or is there something else I should do?

Thank you for your time

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Hello Geode,

1.) Close the UFile session by exiting the UFile page ie close the browser and login back in.  The data should not be lost and all entries should be restored (except the last interview page).  It may be due to a split second disconnect of the  DBase to web server interface page and can be caused by network latency, internet disruptions or other internet issues.   
2.) Check Firewall / Antivirus settings
3.) Also reported when a user is behind a PROXY or other Web service which changes the users IP address during the session in UFILE. Eg. Using a corporate network. Try on a connection outside a VPN (Virtual Private Network).
4.) Clear the cache.
5.) Switch browsers.  Eg. From Chrome to Firefox
6.) Check for browser extensions eg. Crypto wallet / Cisco Webex
>>Chrome >> Settings >> Manage extensions.
6.) IF the issue persists please try to open your account from a different location ie different IP address: home or office or reboot the modem router.


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