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Line 44800 (CPP or QPP overpayment) > $750 Warning


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I had two jobs in 2022. I am receiving a Warning that is preventing me from using NetFile:

"The line 44800 (CPP or QPP overpayment) of the Federal tax return is greater than 750$, verify the information slips and all related entries."

Is that a limit with NetFile itself, or just with UFile? Is there a workaround? (The T4 slips are entered correctly.)

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Hello GeoffreyF,

If you received a warning, it will not prevent you from NetFIling your tax return. A warning is merely a message to let you know there may have been a data entry error. 

Any overpayment  to CPP will be refunded to you on line 44800. In this case, you may ignore the message and proceed to NetFile your tax return once the CRA opens their website for electronic transmissions on February 20, 2023.


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Thanks Maggie3, but the "MaxBack notes and analysis" section below the Warning says:

"You are NOT eligible to file the federal return using NetFile. If you are not able to correct the problem(s) shown above you will need to file a printed return."

Since there is no "*" at the end of the explanation after the Warning, this looks like a UFile issue, not a NetFile exclusion.

2023-02-07 11_03_11-UFile 2022A.png

2023-02-07 11_09_00-UFile 2022 - Filing Status.png

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