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LLP repayment doesn't get included correctly

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This is UFile Windows 2022, and already using latest software updates.

Part of my RRSP contribution is supposed to be a repayment for my LLP, say $X, which is the same as the "LLP amount that should be repaid in 2022"

I entered $X in "Contribution designated as your 2022 LLP repayment". BUT, when I generate the Tax Return pdf file, the field that says "LLP Repayment" is empty ($0). The empty field is Line 6 under "Table K - Calculation of repayment of RRSP lifelong learning plan (LLP)".

This is incorrect. I see the $X showing up under "RRSP income", which is also incorrect.

In fact, I think the error was in 2021 UFile too, because I had to call CRA to make a return adjustment last year due to the same problem. The "LLP repayment" amount got filed as "RRSP income" causing an error in the return.

Please let me know what's going on, or if I'm not entering the information at the right place.

Thanks, James

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Hello jmfskipper,

Life Long Learning Plan (LLP)  repayment



1. On the 'Left-side menu on the Interview tab'', select the ''RRSP contributions, limits''.


2. You must have contributed to your RRSP, PRPP or VRSP, in the period March to December, or in the period of January 1st to March 2nd of the following year.


3.  Enter your contribution for the repayment of your LLP at the time of the payment made, either in the period "March to December 2022" or in the period of "First 60 days of 2020";


4.   Return to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab" and select "HBP, LLP and other plans and funds". On the screen to the right, choose " Lifelong learning plan (LLP)".


5. On the page that appears entitled "Lifelong learning plan (LLP)", on the line " LLP balance to repay ", enter the amount that appears on your Notice of Assessment from the previous year


6.  On the line " LLP amount that should be repaid in 2022 (on HBP statement from CRA)", enter the amount you must repay


7. On the line " Contribution designated as your 2022 LLP repayment ", enter the amount you repaid to your RRSP, PRPP or VRSP.


8. If you have not contributed to your RRSP, PRPP or VRSP, enter $0.00 and the amount will be transferred to line 12900 of the Federal return and to line 154 of the Quebec return, to be added to your total income.


The HBP refund amount will be carried over by the program to "Part B of Schedule 7", on line 24600.


However, if you have also contributed to your RRSP, the amount of the total contribution will be reported to the "Part A of Schedule 7", on line 24500.

 In Summary :


*LLP balance to repay

*LLP amount that should be repaid in 2022

*Contribution designated as your 2022 LLP repayment

For more information, please consult the following link:






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Thanks for the response. I read through each step, and I had already completed each of these steps; however, the field that says "LLP Payment" in the generated Tax Return pdf continues to show $0. The amount of LLP repayment designated is showing under "RRSP income" instead.

This isn't a typical scenario, because there is an over-contribution above my 2022 RRSP deduction limit by design, but the "over-contributed" portion is exactly the amount to be designated for LLP repayment. I also contribute to a spousal RRSP. My scenario:

"RRSP/PRPP deduction limit for 2022 (2021 assessment)" = $Y

"Contributions you made to your spouse's RRSP" (March to December 2022) = $Y+$X

"LLP amount that should be repaid in 2022" = $X

"Contribution designated as your 2022 LLP repayment" = $X

UFile program allocates $X to "RRSP income" instead of applying it to "LLP Payment"

Two possible factors that aren't typical are: Over-contribution, and spousal RRSP.

I may have discovered the cause of this issue after another test. I moved my spousal RRSP contribution TO my own RRSP contribution, and the problem goes away, i.e. in the generated Tax Return pdf, "LLP Payment" shows $X correctly, and $0 at "RRSP income". Does it mean UFile takes another path if it's related to spousal RRSP?

Thank you, for your help.

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