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Bonnie Toy

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Hello Bonnie Toy,

Microsoft :

How can I type in reverse on Windows OS? To type right to left, press CTRL + Right Shift. To type left to right, press CTRL + Left Shift

Mac :

You can change the direction in selected text written right to left.

    In an app on your Mac, Control-click the selection, choose Writing Direction from the shortcut menu, then choose a command. For Default, the direction is set to that of the paragraph in which the text appears.

    For example, if you’re using an English input source but you begin a sentence with a Hebrew character, the text is displayed incorrectly as:

    .is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet א

    If you select the sentence and choose Left to Right from the shortcut menu, the sentence is displayed correctly as:

    א is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

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