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T2125 Interview Question re Percent Partnership Share


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My business is a sole proprietorship.  Is there a glitch in the interview question in T2125 re “Your share (%) of the ownership if other than 100%.  The box is auto filled with “0%”.   In the help section if states… “Specify your share of ownership if other than 100%.  UFile will apply this percentage to reduce your income accordingly.”   In other words, if your share is 100% you shouldn’t need to fill in this question.  However, unless you enter in 100% your net business income will not be transferred over to your tax return, line 13500.  The wording to this question was the same in Ufile 2021 however, the function of this year’s software works differently.  Last year you didn't have to answer this questions and left box as 0% if your share was 100%.  Has anyone else come across this issue?

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Solution found!  My error.   The "Your share" box is not auto filled with 0%, the box is empty.  Do not enter anything in this field if you are a sole prop.   The field should be left blank.   Thanks to Geo123 (Moderator) and George (Ufile Team) for their assistance.

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