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Nova Scotia Children’s Sports and Arts Tax Credit


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Trying to determine how to apply for the Nova Scotia Children’s Sports and Arts Tax Credit.  There doesn't appear to be an option in Ufile that I can see. 

Any help is appreciated.   Details of the tax credit here:


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The only option in Nova Scotia tax credits is the option to select "NS479 line 62400 - Nova Scotia volunteer firefighters and ground search and rescue tax credit". Children's sports and tax credit does not appear anywhere in the interview page. The NS479 is the same tax credit form as the Children's sports and tax credit, but there is nowhere to actually claim the sports and tax credit on Ufile. Is this an error on Ufile?

How do we claim it if the program has nowhere to enter the claim? And there doesn't seem to be a way to manipulate line 47900 on the return.





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Hello DMac,

Note that a qualifying child must have been under the age of 19 on December 31, 2022

Under the Dependant file select :

Tuition, education, student loans
Child care
Fitness and recreation  < - - - HERE
Children's arts amount
Amount for young children

>>Nova Scotia - Children's sports and arts tax credit 

Enter the fees paid in 2022 to a club, association, or similar organization to register a qualifying child in an eligible program.
Do not claim any fees already claimed by another person.
For more information click here.

Eligible fitness and recreational fees  [MySport ]  [$Amount]


Tax Return : NS479

Children's sports and arts tax credit

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