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Note on my dependants file to complete identification page


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I am trying to Netfile my return, but I am getting a 'note' on my dependents file that says the following:  

You did not complete the fields that confirm your identity. This tax return cannot be filed.  Make sure that you have completed the Identification page

I've gone back over both mine and his tabs, and went through the entire identification section - twice - but it still will not let me submit it.  I saw somewhere to check that I did not accidentally create an additional dependent tab, and I have not.  
Can you please help to identify what needs to be added or changed so I can submit through netfile?
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It is possible that you added an additional person to your file in error. Click on the Interview section (tab #2) and see how many little people shadows you have in the upper horizontal bar. If you have more than you should have, click on the extra shadow and then click on "delete selected" toward the end of the upper horizontal bar.  This will delete the additional file.  This action cannot be undone.

If this does not resolve the error message, then please contact our office at 1-888-633-8414 or If you prefer, you can also open a request ticket and submit an anonymous file for review on-line at https://www.ufile.ca/contact/contact-usemail us at help@ufile.ca

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