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"No Income to Report in 2022" box not showing up


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I get this warning message when reviewing my file:


This happens for both of my sons. When I click the link "Click here to fix", I find this:


There is NO box to check? Please help? Both of my boys attended college last fall and only received a T4A and T2202. They had no employment income to report.



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Hello CinSch,

Dependant Interview >> Identification



  Let MaxBack decide  Family head  Spouse  Divide equally between parents  50% to family head - ignore remainder  50% to spouse - ignore remainder  Other percentages (see help)  Do not claim 
Did this dependant have any income in 2022?  No  Yes 
Does this taxpayer require a tax return?



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Further to my previous post;  as a test I created another hypothetical dependent. I wondered if doing so - starting blank if you will - would allow for the 'No income to report in 2022' box to appear in the Interview Setup window. It does not. So it looks like ufile mistakenly decides that any dependent will have income. Hope this helps in diagnosis.

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