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Get WAC in Ufile T2


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Hello SomeRealtor,

Thank you for posting this, you are correct.  Also see detailed instructions below.

The CRA Web Access Code (WAC) is generated automatically by UFIle T2 on the EFile Tab – not from the CRA.  Before you can get the WAC code all errors must be cleared in the Review section.

Before you can have the button [GET WAC] (Web Access Code) appear in the E-FILE tab, please complete the section Mailing address of the corporation.

>>Other addresses

   >>Mailing address of the corporation  < - - - COMPLETE THIS


As of 2018, the web access code is generated automatically in the EFile  tab via the UFile T2 software and not from the CRA.  Note that the Federal Web Access Code (WAC) is 8 digits.


To generate the WAC code:

>>>In the EFile Tab you should see on the screen:




>>First screen  :


Filing status for:  My_Corporation_Name


A corporation's file can be submitted when its applicable status shows "Ready for filing…………

….. Please ensure you have completed and reviewed all of your entries prior to filing.


My_Corporation_Name               - - -> Federal      [~ - >] Ready for filing      < - - - CLICK HERE




>>Second screen :


Federal submission for: My_Corporation_Name

Canadian corporations should file a federal corporate income tax return. If the federal corporate income tax return is not filed electronically, then it may be printed and mailed to the Canada Revenue Agency.


To proceed with Corporation Internet Filing online transmission, ……………………….

………. Or, if filing on behalf of a client, my client has signed Form T183CORP and certified that the attached electronic return is correct, complete, and reports the client's income from all sources.


Federal Web Access Code (WAC)

If you do not have a Federal Web Access Code you may automatically retrieve one by clicking the button Get WAC

 [Get WAC]   < - - - CLICK HERE

Federal Web Access Code (WAC):  [         ]  < - - - CODE WILL APPEAR HERE

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