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Ufile made a mistake in reporting the total RRSP withdraw for HBP in the line 24700


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I have two T4RSP receipts for withdrawals of my RRSP funds from two different accounts under HBP program. In the interview I created two separate sections, thinking UFile would sum the total amount and report it but on my CRA account after the tax return it shows that only one of them (the first one) is reported. And then I saw in the tax return tab in the line 24700 only one of the T4RSP amount is reported. How can I adjust this?

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Thanks Geo123 for your reply but unfortunately UFile did not add them for me. I created two T4RSPs from Pension and retirement income but UFIle did not add them in the end at the interview Tab in Schedule 7 RRSP p4. Unfortunately I did not went through all the filed tax return before sending it and now CRA shows one of the T4RSP is missing. In their change my tax return there's no place to change the line 24700. So the only way is to send an adjustment but Ufile cannot add them so probably I need to mail my adjustment. I thought UFile would add them :( OK for the request ticket!

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