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Hello Alex44,

How to repay the funds withdrawn from RRSP(s) under the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP)

Currently, the HBP withdrawal limit is $35,000. This applies to withdrawals made after March 19, 2019.
On this page

    When do you start making repayments?
    Repaying the amount you withdrew
    Special repayment situations

When do you start making repayments?

You have up to 15 years to repay to your RRSP, pooled registered pension plan (PRPP) or specified pension plan (SPP) the amounts you withdrew from your RRSP under the HBP.

Your repayment period starts the second year after the year when you first withdrew funds from your RRSP(s) for the HBP. For example, if you withdrew funds in 2023, your first year of repayment will be 2025.



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