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T778 not being created after adding child care expenses

Aik Chang

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Hi there,

My two kids both have child care expenses that I inputted in their profiles.  I initially noticed that changing the amounts did not impact my tax return. 
I looked into the tax return and noted that no T778 was being completed.  I've attempted to remove the child care expenses and re-adding them no avail.

This is the first year of using UFILE that I've noticed this issue. Please kindly assist.




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Hello Aik Chang,

If you have a spouse it may be due to this :

Generally, the person with the lower net income (including zero income) must claim the child care expenses

Child care expenses are amounts you or another person paid to have someone look after an eligible child so that you or the other person could do one of the following:
-    earn income from employment
-    carry on a business either alone or as an active partner
-    attend school under the conditions identified under Educational program
-    carry on research or similar work, for which you or the other person received a grant
The child must have lived with you or the other person when the expense was incurred for the expense to qualify. Usually, you can only deduct payments for services provided in Canada by a Canadian resident. Read Other situations for exceptions.

For more information, please read the CRA link below:


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Hi Geo123,


Yes, the screenshots i provided are from my spouse's profile (she is the one with the lower income).  The only thing i can think of is she is on Mat leave, but there's no questions asking if she was on mat leave or not.  She is claiming EI during matleave.

Would this affect if she can claim T778?


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Hello Aik Chang,

Yes there are specific rules involving EI. For married couples, regular benefits received from the EI program are not considered earned income for the purpose of calculating the child care expenses unless both supporting parents are enrolled in an educational program.

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I think I am having the same (or similar) issue as Aik - I am the lower income spouse in our household and I have been on mat leave for 2022 getting EI. However, I was also enrolled as a full-time student during this time. My partner was working. Are we not able to claim our child care expenses?

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Ufile2023:  I entered all the data correctly (just like for 2022) and yet ufile does not create a T778 form.  Entered all the child care expenses at the dependent child but there is no T778 to either parent. Anybody any suggestions?

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