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Capital Net Loss Line 25300 didn't updated


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RE : Line 25300 - Net capital losses of other years / Line 12700 - Capital gains.

If you have both capital gains and capital losses, you can offset the capital gains with capital losses until you reach zero. If you only have capital losses, the CRA allows you to use the capital loss to offset a capital gain you originally declared in the previous 3 years (Loss carryback), or you are allowed to carry forward the capital loss into the future

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Hi Geo123, 

Yes, I have a capital gain in 2020,  and a capital loss in 2021 and 2022. I'm filing for this year 2022 and would apply both the capital loss of 2021 and 2022 toward 2022. 

I was able to apply the amount of carry back loss of 2022 in ufile but I can't really do this for 2021. From the answers I search on forum, the 2021 is declared in the Net Capital Loss which was in the 25300 line. But I can't seem to get my amount of 2021 to add into the 25300 line.

Please assist.


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