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How to remove the entry from line 62140 on the Form ON428

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Hello yufeng0223,

If you are receiving this error :

CRA Error 2410    There is an entry on line 62140 on the Form ON428 for the Ontario low-income individuals and families tax credit and one of the following situations applies to your client’s return:  According to the Canada Revenue Agency’s records, or as indicated on the return, your client is an immigrant to Canada in the tax year. This credit is not allowed on an immigrant return.

Then click on interview setup

From the right screen tick the small box Immigrant, emigrant…… under specific situation then click next

On the left hand side click on Immigrant, emigrant, non- resident then from the right screen click on the + sign beside you immigrated to Canada in 2022

Fill out this page

After that the line 62140 should be blank




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