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Netfile> "Oops! Something has gone wrong!"

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Hello STephA,

If you receive the oops error, and you are working with UFile Online, simply click on the "settings" "save and close" and then "launch" again.

To ensure that this error does not occur, clear your browser history "for all time".  You can also change your browser.

If you get the oops error and you are working with UFile for Windows, simply click cancel error and continue. You may need to close the program and reopen it. The oops message should disappear. If the program asks you "Do you want to save?", click "Yes".

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Sorry to hear you are experiencing technical issues. There are currently no technical / operations issues reported by the IT / OPS teams on any of our websites / systems.

IMPORTANT Be sure to use the URL of https://secure.ufile.ca/account/login      **AND NOT** https://secure2.ufile.ca/account/login

If the issue persists you can open a request ticket and submit a request on-line at https://www.ufile.ca/contact/contact-us
For telephone support, please call: 1-888-633-8414

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I receive the Oops error on 4 Tax Return and 5 Netfile selection. Logged off, clear browser and re-launch, the error continues. Please help.

On what maybe a related issue is that I have a persisted warning informing me to enter the amounts from box 52 of the T4 and box 34 of the T4A.  I addressed the issue by entering $0.00 in boxes 52 and 34 but the warning doesn't go away.

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