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UFile Online vs. Windows - families


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Hello - Is there a difference between Online and Ufile 4 Windows? I noticed that Online specifies "for families" - so, a taxpayer, a spouse, and two dependents. The Windows version appears to make no specification. We want to file for three people, but two of them are neither dependents nor spouses of the main taxpayer - we all just live together. I am asking because I am deciding if I can use a Mac to do our taxes (so, the Online version), or if we need to use a PC to use the Windows version which does not seem to have this "family" requirement. Thank you!

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Hello hehehehehe,

UFile ONLINE is per family, using an account logon to the internet.  UFile Win 4 is 4 files, regardless of family, and is installed locally on your pc. 

If using a MAC you can only use UFile ONLINE

FYI : Help me choose Deciding which version of UFile is best for you? The choice is yours.


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