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I am my mother's caregiver and I live in her house.

I completed my mother's tax return and already net filed it.

I am now trying to enter the caregivers tax credit into my own tax return and I can't seem to figure it out.

Can someone help me with this please?


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Hello Maria A.H.,

Caregiver Living With a Person (Not His or Her Spouse) 70 or Over Without an Impairment (Part D of Schedule H)
>>Calculated automatically if Dependant in the file
TP1 : Other credits (see the guide) Specify:[461] [02]      Q462  $1,299


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Thank you Geo123 for your response.

The care receiver (mom) is NOT in the care giver (me) file.

We have separate files in Ufile.

Mom's tax return has already been net filed.

I am trying to claim the credit in my file.

Mom has the certificate respecting an impairment TP752.0.14-V

She is 70 and over WITH an impairment.

How do I fix this within Ufile so that I don't have this problem every year?

Thank you very much!



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Thank you Geo123,

Brilliant idea!

I will definitely look into that.

After some stressful research, I came up with my own solution being to paper file a Schedule H and also send a request for a revision(TP-1.R-V).

Would that work?

Thanks so much!

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