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Hello carguy,

The marital status is determined by the answer to the question "Did your marital status change in 2022'' in the ''Identification'' section of the program.
In order to indicate a change in marital status, please follow these steps:
1. Under the "Left side menu to the Interview tab", select the item "Identification".
2. On the page that appears to the right, answer "Change" to the question "Did your marital status change in 2022?" and click "Next" at the bottom of the page.
3. Return to the ''Left side menu to the Interview tab'' and select the item ''Marital status change'' and in the page that appears, in the line ''Change in your marital status changed in 2022'' in the dropdown menu to your right choose the option that suit you, and subsequently fill the page.
4. If you were separated in the tax year you must complete the page
"Information about your ex-spouse" under the "Ex-spouse" option of the "Left side menu on the Interview tab". Questions with a red asterisk are mandatory. However, if you wish to claim an amount on line 30300 "Spouse or common-law partner amount" of the Federal return, you must enter the net income on line 23600 of the federal return of your ex- spouse's.**while living together eg. If separated Jan 1 = zero, if Dec 31=All  
If you do not want to claim this credit, then enter an amount greater than the base amount for the period you were together. Ie unless they want to claim 30400


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To clarify, when including the amount from line 23600 from my former spouse on my interview where it says :

Net federal income of your spouse or common-law partner before the separation (line 23600 of his or her return)

Do I include what is on line 23600, or do I include a pro-rated amount to the date of separation? The answer above seems to suggest pro-rated, but the grammar of the question suggests to indicate the complete amount of line 23600. Given that this page comes with multiple warnings not to use an amount below the actual, the lack of clarity in the question is a bit intimidating!!

Thank you!

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