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2 T4s, different province of Employment 1 RL


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I have 2 T4s with 2 different provinces of employment, one for Ontario and one for Quebec.

I also have 1RL from Quebec.

When downloading my data from CRA and Revenue Quebec, 3 forms were uploaded:

  1. T4/RL-1 - which only contains data from the T4 prov of employment Quebec
  2. T4 - which only contains data from the T4 prov of employment Ontario
  3. T4/RL-1 CPP/RPC - which only contains the data from the RL1 from QC

Once I download the data, I am getting an error message:

"Unable to calculate the return. Error: The commission income (box 42) you entered from your T4 exceeds your employment income (box 14)."

Question: to fix this, am I supposed to Manually consolidate T4/RL-1 and T4/RL-1 CPP/RPC ? 

And if so, what goes in box 14? Is it the sum of the amounts on T4 (ontario) + T4 (quebec) ? OR just the one from T4 (quebec)? 

Thank you!

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