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Both Fields Must Be Filled on Home Office Expenses page


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On 3/16/2023 at 5:00 AM, Geo123 said:

Hello mthyvold,

Please go to the Review section (tab 4) and click :

Both fields must be filled. This error prevents tax calculations. Click here to fix.

Verify :

Other expenses
Description and amount of other employment expenses   

[Description     ]      [  $          ]

I have filled in both fields and it still doesn't work. All fields on the page have data of at least $0.00.

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I have the same issue for uFile 2022. See my post. Not sure if it’s a bug in uFile?

 I double checked three times, don’t find any mandatory field is missing. The same error I got doesn’t specify which field is missing value. When clicking the “Click here to fix”, it shows loading forever and doesn’t bring the missing field. I paid the license fee already. Any suggestions or support phone line we can call?

This error prevents tax calculations. Click here to fix

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I found that deleting the section and reentering it seemed top clear the problem. It seems that just touching some fields invokes the data validation and correcting or clearing the field didn't help fix it. Removing it and reentering seemed to do the trick. 

Seems like a bug to me.

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thanks for the response.

in my case, it doesn’t show which field or section is missing mandatory value. Can’t find the exact section to remove.

I did try to remove a couple of sections and re-add them back. Doesn’t help to resolve the issue.

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