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Wrong beginning/end of fiscal year.


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I completed the Interview section and when I click on the Review Tab, I get one error. I click on the error and sent to the page "T2125 - Business identification" where I need to enter a valid dates for fiscal beginning/end. However the dates I entered were, beginning is 01-01-2022 and the end date is 31-12-2022.  What am I doing wrong? The error message is below....

You entered an invalid date as the beginning of the fiscal period of a business. The entry must indicate 2022 or 2021. Click here to fix.

The beginning and end dates entered for your business correspond to a fiscal period of more than 365 days (or 366 days for a leap year).
If this was the first year or the last year of operation of the business, blank.gifClick here to revise the data.
Otherwise, blank.gifclick here to revise the dates for the beginning and end of the fiscal period.

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Hello DLSteve,

Please check the Fiscal period dates :

Beginning of fiscal period of business (e.g. 01-01-2022) 01-01-2022
Fiscal year-end of your business (e.g. 31-12-2022) 31-12-2021   < - - - WRONG DATE


The date entered as the fiscal year-end of a business precedes the beginning of its fiscal period. Click here to fix.

 You entered an invalid date as the fiscal year-end of a business. The entry must indicate 2022. Click here to fix.


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