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Let max cash back decide

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My husband and I are both approved to claim the disability tax credit on behalf of of our dependent son. My husband is the higher income earner so I assume it would be best to have him use the tax credits however, in the system when I choose let max cash back decide or choose him in the drop down box the refund amount is the same (shows as him claiming the Canada Care Giver amount but the DTC amount all under my name.. My question is...is there a max amount of tax credits than can be used? Should I always trust the let max cash back decide or is it better to enter manually.

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I let MaxBack decide and it did not choose the optimal decision for my parents.   They both have low incomes and high medical expenses.  MaxBack chose to put all the medical expenses on my Mom's lower income account.   For other reasons, I tried splitting their medical expenses and my Dad's return went from owing $92 to a refund of $900.  This is a significant difference of about 5% of his total income.   This was due to the Ontario Seniors Home Care amount.

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