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Disability tax credits of dependant, Tuition credits of spouse, error

Qasim Bhatti

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Hi there

This is my first time using Ufile and finding a lot of difficulties

I can't find the place where I need to enter/claim my dependant's disability credits, there is no topic I can find on the left side where there different topics to select.

Secondly how, where and what amount to claim for my spouse's tuition credits? I have entered the amount from her T2202 on her tax papers, but I am filing as a family head so I want to claim the credits. Further is it more beneficial if I claim the tuition credits or if my spouse does that?

I have been unable to fix the errors that are shown at the bottom, when I click the link that says fix the error then nothing happens


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Hello Qasim Bhatti,

You should enter the Disability in the file of the Dependant and Tuition in the file of the Spouse.  UFile will optimize the credits for the family.

For the error messages please go to the Review and click on the error message links.

(1.) To claim the Disability Tax Credit

You must claim the credit for every year that you are eligible.  It must be claimed in the file of the person with the disability.

>>>Interview setup

[Interview setup (left hand navigation pane - - beneath “CRA Express NOA”) >> Double click the interview setup]

>>>>Go to Right Hand Screen - Interview SetUp

>>>>Medical expenses, disability, caregiver 

>>>> Infirmity and Disability amounts claim for yourself* (line 31600)

-Name or description of infirmity: - - - >Put description

-Are you eligible for the disability amount on federal line 31600? - - - >Leave blank (NULL)

-Does this infirmity provide entitlement to the Canada caregiver amount?- - - >Answer yes or no (if require care for daily needs)

(2.) Tuition 

1. On the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select "Interview setup".

2. On the page "Interview setup", go to the "Student" group, check the box "Tuition, education, textbook, student loans" as well as any other groups needed to complete your tax return and click "Next" at the bottom of the page.

3. Return to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab" and select the item "Tuition, education, student loans".

4. On the screen to your right click on the plus sign "+" icon to the right of the line "Tuition amounts* (line 32300)".

5. On the page that appears, in the section "Tuition, education, textbook amounts (T2202, TL11A, TL11C)", go to the line "Eligible tuition fees paid to Canadian educational institutions for 2019 (enter description in the first field and the amount in the $ field)". If you attended more than one establishment, click on the plus sign "+" on your right and a new field will be added.

6. Enter the number of months of full-time or part-time postsecondary education, if any, based on the information on your T2202 slip. In addition, this information will be included on Schedule 11.

The program will generate federal Schedule 11 to determine tuition fees.

For more information about tuition fees, including tuition transfer and deferral, please visit:
For the CRA:




Remember that according to CRA rules, you must claim the amounts first on your own federal return, to reduce the tax payable.

Please note that you can carry forward the surplus to a future year or transfer it to a parent or grandparent.

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