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Do I need to enter Capitals Gains/ Loss separately if UFile downloaded all the T5/ T5008 forms ?


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I'm filing my taxes on Ufile.

Ufile has downloaded all my T5 and T5008 forms from my CRA login that includes what securities (stocks) I sold at profit or loss.

My question is do I need to separately enter Capital Gains/ Loss information after computing each form from above T5/T5008 list ?




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The downloaded slips are automatically integrated in the capital gains and loss section of Ufile. You should cross check the downloaded numbers to make sure everything is in the correct place, but no further data  entry is required. Some brokers do not include the adjusted cost base (ACB), so make sure this info exists in every T5008 slip. 

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I have a list of about 30 T5008 that were automatically loaded.  However, I don't see that they've been integrated into the capital gains calc and they don't show up in the summary (though maybe they wouldn't since the sum is a capital loss - not gain.).  It's also not clear where I would ask for the loss to be applied to previous capital gains in order to get a refund from past years.  

What would I see in uFile to show that the T5008 have been included in capital gains calcs and where can I apply for retroactive application of this years losses.




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@C. Thanks. That answers part of my issue so I can now apply for the carry back.  But there’s still no automatic defrost from the T5008 forms to the capital gains/losses section of uFile.  And I just noticed the auto filling feature didn’t load ant T5s.  So not so automated. 

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