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Home office expenses between spouses


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My spouse and I co-own our home business.  For the portion that asks Portion % of home that is used for personal use we wrote 75%.  The next question asks "If the home office is used by your spouse, enter the share % of the expenses related to the business use of the home".   Am I understanding this correctly.  We use 25% of the home for business together.  The second part is asking how much of that is each person responsible for then I put in 50% if it is equally shared, correct?


Thank you


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Hello pixie,

Correct 25% Business use, which should then be split 50% with Spouse.  Please verify on the T777

Example of 25%

T777 p2
Line 16 – Calculation of work-space-in-the-home expenses
Electricity, heat, water, home Internet access fees  $10,000  47
Total employment-use amount $2,500.00  48

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