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AutoFill not accounting for Reassessment


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So I'm filing for 2021 and used the AutoFill to populate 2020's information on the last part of the return. 

Most of it is correct, but some of the credits are based on my original NOA, not the Reassessment I received in July 2021. 

Should I modify these amounts to reflect the Reassessment, or is it okay for it to show the amounts from the original NOA I filed for 2020? 

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It can be a real headache. Reminds me of this time when I was filling out an online form for a rental application. Thought I had everything sorted with AutoFill, but it missed a crucial section about my previous rental history. Ended up causing a bit of a delay in the whole process! But hey, speaking of forms, have you checked out https://bryden-johnson.co.uk/? Their system is pretty spot-on with this stuff, really saved my bacon a few times.

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