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'Married' missing in marital status


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My son got married April 2022, i want to change his marital status, but 'married' is not an option in the drop down.

I changed his marital status to married on CRA website yesterday. Does uFile not update from there?

Please help

Thanks alot !!!!!!


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Hello Lebo,

You must make the change yourself - it is not updated by the CRA

In the Family Head or Spouse section >> Identification >>

Situation on December 31, 2022 
Click the ? of each of the next two lines in case of specific situations (emigrant, deceased person)

Province of residence on December 31, 2022 Quebec
Marital status on December 31, 2022 Married (or separated for less than 90 days)   <- - - HERE

If it is not an option it is because is still in your file as a Dependent.

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