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An old age security (OAS) pension amount

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My mother-in-law is dependent person and isn’t Citizen of Canada and doesn’t have any income, but there is an error message saying: “Old age security pension

You stated that this person had no income. UFile has calculated that this person should have received an old age security (OAS) pension amount. Click here to review your data.


I used your advice from March 17: “Click Interview Setup, Find Pension and click the blue dot. Select confirmation and fill in.
Unfortunately, was nothing change, I still have the same error.

Please, help me.


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Hello Alexander Philippov,

In file of the Dependant >> Dependant's pension income

>>Adjustment of old age security pension: On December 31, you were age 65 or over and had not received old age security pension, or had not received the full amount. "+"

>>Confirmation - You did not receive old age security pension
You were age 65 or over on December 31, 2022, and had not received old age security pension - T4A(OAS).

Confirmation that no old age security pension (T4A(OAS)) was received in 2022?  Yes  < - - - - SELECT Yes

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