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RSSP pre-tax deducted from payroll- where to enter?


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I have RRSP contributions taken from my paystubs before tax, but they are not present on T4’s boxes 20 or 52. 

On T4’s box 52 I have only my employer’s match contribution.

On my paystub I have 2 entries pre-taxes, my contribution to matching RRSP and a voluntary RRSP contribution.

I have the RRSP account statement for 2022 and Jan-Feb 2023. Where do I enter these numbers?

Thanks in advance, R.







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Hello Rod.

Box 52 - Pension adjustment - line 20600
Generally, this amount represents the value of the benefits you earned in the year under a registered pension plan or a deferred profit-sharing plan. This amount is not an income or a deduction.

Your RRSP contributions :


Contributions to your own RRSP or PRPP/VRSP Example
March to December 2022  Issuer name   MyRRSP Contributions $1,000.00
First 60 days of 2023 Issuer name  MyOtherRRSP  Contributions $500.00


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