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How NOT to claim Canada Workers Benefit (Did NOT reside in Canada throughout the year)


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My son was not a resident of Canada "throughout" the year and thus does not qualify for WCB: He lived abroad for the last 3 months of the year. 

Ufile is making the CWB claim automatically and I cannot find how to tell it not to do it. I see other people have solved the problem by entering a T2022 form (number of months as a full time student), but we don't have any form , since my son is indeed studying, but abroad. Anyways, since he did not reside the whole year in Canada, I think he does not qualify. 

Couldn't find an answer in the Ufile forum. Please help!


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Hello jfchavez,

The equivalent T2202 form is TL11A Tuition and Enrolment Certificate - University Outside Canada.  It includes Number of months part-time and full-time.


This certificate is used to certify eligibility for claiming tuition fees of a student attending a university outside Canada.
Administrators of educational institutions outside Canada can refer to Information sheet RC190, Information for Educational Institutions Outside Canada,
at canada.ca/cra-forms-publications for details on how to fill out this certificate.

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Thanks, but still not resolved.

I entered tuition and number of months of full-time studies: 3. Still UFILE automatically claims CWB (I think because it is only 3 months, if I enter 4 as a try, it does eliminate the CWB).  But, anyways, he was living abroad those 3 months, (so not a resident of Canada throughout the year), so shouldn't qualify!! 

If we claim CWB without rightfully qualifying, we will get in trouble with CRA. We simply would very much prefer not to claim it at all!




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