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Can you use UFile software to e-file T2 ?


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Hello MG007,

UFile T2 for corporations is free to try, you only pay when you are ready to file with the CRA.  *Is only available online*.  It is designed for the CCPC (Canadian Controlled Private Corporation).


To order UFile T2 for corporations please go to https://www.ufile.ca/products/ufilet2

Start for free

Create New Account

>>Select the UFile T2 tab at the top of the page

>>Create New taxpayer (with Corporation Friendly name -- for your own use) and the tax year (Fiscal year end)


Start with the fiscal (calendar) year you desire - be sure that your fiscal year end corresponds to the correct tax year

 eg. May 1, 2020-April 30, 2021 fiscal year = 2021 tax year.


Who can use UFileT2?


Supported Forms:



More information : https://www.ufile.ca/products/ufilet2


If your company meets the following criteria, don't file your tax return by hand, UFile it!

     Your company is a CCPC (Canadian Controlled Private Corporation) throughout the tax year

     It has a permanent establishment in only one province or territory

     It is not claiming any refundable credits (other than a refund of installments paid)

     It did not receive or pay out taxable dividends from/to connected corporations

     It is reporting in Canadian currency

     It does not have an Ontario transitional tax debit

     It does not have an amount calculated under section 34.2 of the federal Act.


UFileT2 also supports the filing (paper or EFILE) of corporations reporting the following:

    Active business income (e.g. income from selling meals for a restaurant)

    Income from "other property" (e.g. rental income from a property owned by the corporation)

    Dispositions of capital property 

    Losses carried forward and carried back (capital property losses and non-capital losses)

    Capital cost allowance (CCA)

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