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uFile ask me pay again


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I have paid $22.54 CAD on 3/25, and uFile asked me to pay again on the next day. I am not able to check details and submit the claim. 

This is my invoice 

Transaction type: Purchase

Order ID: 733a88ae-d830-48e2-86d6- df7323005c59

Date & time: 2023-03-25 21:19:38 EST Reference number: 661237050015274510

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Hello I have paid for my return on March 10 and now I am trying to NetFile but it is asking me to "Buy Now" and I am unable to get past this screen. 

Transaction type:Purchase

Order ID:148719cc-97d2-496c-81c5-60e858cc258e

Date & time:2024-03-10 20:00:42 EST

Reference number:661237050018783450

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Transaction type: Purchase
Order ID: 54559a9a-e4a0-410b-b217-07df30f380f8
Date & time: 2023-04-16 17:02:11 EST
Reference number:  

I completed my income tax returns for myself and my husband and went to netfile but was asked if I wanted to pay again.  I have my receipt from April 16th for $38.03 and wasn't given the offered 15% discount.  How to I Netfile now?  Thank you for your speedy response.  Jill

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