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tuition receipt, not T2202

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Hello Rishona Moshinsky

To claim your tuition fees you must have received one of the following forms from your educational institution:

    Form T2202, Tuition and Enrolment Certificate

    Form TL11A, Tuition and Enrolment Certificate – University Outside Canada

    Form TL11C, Tuition and Enrolment Certificate – Commuter to the United States

    Form TL11D, Tuition Fees Certificate – Educational Institutions Outside Canada for a Deemed Resident of Canada


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if you have a CRA "my account'" you can download T2202 from there. I noticed this year the college did not mail T2202, so I when looking for it in "my account" and it was there! , also some of my T5 with amount less that $50 was not received in my mail from my FI and sure enough it was in "my account". Its always good to check CRA "my account" for all your tax slip (T4,T5, T3 , T2202 etc etc) before hand also don't relay on CRA tax slip download as some may be missed.  

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Thank you for your opinions.

The institution said they do not offer T2202, so there's nowhere to download it from. They only issue receipts.

In the end, I submitted the return as if it were a T2202.

I talked to 4 different CRA agents. The first, who is from the volunteer tax department, said that it was valid to use the receipt but I needed to ask UFile how to enter it. A regular CRA agent said that without the forms it's not deductible. A third didn't know and passed me to a higher level., so that's the 4th agent This agent said it is valid and to enter it as if it were a T2202. She said the CRA will probably audit that and request the form; so the receipt can be sent in and they should accept that.

rodfile, regarding checking in MyAccount and not relying on the download, I agree that in addition the download, we have to match all our papers we have and look for those we know are missing. I hac a client whose T2022 and T4 form U fo T did not download. If it weren't becuase he had the slips, he would have had to pay taxes becuase he had scholarship

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