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Trouble installing UFile 2022 for CVITP

John C

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I have installed the program and done all the updates.  I can use the program no problem, and everything seems to work fine until I go to file the taxes.

The I get the error that the registration is incomplete and cannot file.

It is a Windows 11 computer and I had to turn off the S-Mode that it was sold in allowing me to install a program not authorized by Microsoft.  Could this be part of the problem?


Any help is appreciated.

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Hello John C,

You must register the CVITP.

Initial SetUp

*Select Settings >> EFILE-Netfile setup

*Select ‘Volunteer with the CVITP’ (first part of setup screen appears)

>>Complete the rest of the screen including

-CRA EFILE number and password

-Information about you

-CRA EFILE number and password  from your CVITP coordinator)

-Enter your COIN number (from your CVITP coordinator)

-Representative information – CVITP do not need to complete this section.

 ----Not required to complete Representative information------



*The EFILE tax preparer’s representative (individual) identification (RepID) number can be included with each income tax return being filed with the Canada Revenue Agency.  The CRA introduced this feature as an additional level of security to ensure that users of EFILE services have been suitability screened.  To include your RepID please complete the entry below.  Please note that the entry is optional.  

Note: The information below will also be used to complete the CRA authorization request page provided you are a professional tax preparer.

*Do not enter the Representative (group) identification number and Business number if representative is a business or firm (are no longer used)

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