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Reporting Capital Gain/Loss


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When we buy & sell the same stock multiple times in the same month. Can I report to CRA the total in one line or do I have to report one line per each buy and sell? Example:

Feb 1 buy 100 ABC @ 10 - Feb 3 Sell all @ 15   CG = 500

Feb 5 buy 100 ABC (again) @ 20  - Feb 10 Sell all @ 30   CG = 1000

Can report as   below:

200 shares Total Cost 3000.00  :  Total Proceeds 4500.00  :  CG 1500.00

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I have a superficial loss due to transfer in kind into my TFSA/RRSP. But in UFile, if I entered the actual cost with the CRA downloaded disposition amount, the final generated Schedule 3 (PDF) will result a loss. How can I override that value in schedule 3 to make to 0 or empty before NETFILE the form?

I heard people saying change book value (actual is bigger value) to match the disposition such that the generated schedule 3 will not showing a loss. Is this the only way to override the software generated loss to zero. If I do that, I won't be able to report the actual cost/book value for CRA

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Hello Mr.Riverview,

For a T5 :

Enter an exchange rate ONLY when your slip shows a currency code in Box 27. The average exchange rate for $US was 1.3013 in 2022, See the Bank of Canada's website (www.bankofcanada.ca) for other exchange rates.

 Exchange rate applying to ALL currency amounts recorded on this slip
 RL-3 Box 200 - Name of currency used200

For a T5008 :


Foreign currency13 USD United States, dollar <---EXAMPLE USD

Cost or book value20 
Exchange rate applicable to the cost or book value
Proceeds of disposition or settlement amount21
Exchange rate applicable to the proceeds of disposition or settlement amount
Outlays and expenses related to the transaction
Exchange rate applicable to the outlays and expenses related to the transaction


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