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U.S. Donations

Gary F

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I have limited U.S. Income and U.S. Charitable Donations. When you go to enter them I select a fixed exchange rate for 2022. Then it asks for income and donation amounts. Are these amounts to be entered as U.S. dollars? I have some customers paying me in Canadian dollars and some Charities allowing donations in Canadian dollars so i assume i have to convert everything to the same currency, but which one should i be using?

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Hello Gary F,

Gifts to US charities (only with US income)

Gifts to US charities (only with US income)
Enter donations you made in 2022.  
Exchange rate applicable to US charitable donations  < - - BoC Rate = 1.3013
Amount of net income from the United States
Amount of donation
Organization that received the charitable donation
 Specify the nature of the donation.

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