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Moved from QC to NS in 2022 w/ employer in QC - only federal return is created

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I have a Nova Scotia Tax Credits section with available forms, but none of them seem applicable. I just have salaried income from a business in QC but reside in NS.

Assigning N.S. credits to one spouse or the other
NS428 - Recapture of research and development tax credit
NS428 line 62100 - Nova Scotia political contributions tax credit
NS428 line 62180 - Labour-sponsored venture capital tax credit (NSLSV)
NS428 line 88 - Equity tax credits [T1285]
NS428 line 90 - Innovation equity tax credit [T225]
NS428 line 92 - Venture capital tax credits [T224]
NS479 line 62400 - Nova Scotia volunteer firefighters and ground search and rescue tax credit
Unused labour-sponsored funds tax credit

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Good day,

As you were residing in Nova Scotia on December 31st, 2022, you file a federal return only.
What pertains to Nova Scotia is included in the federal return.

With regard to the Interview you enter your T4 / RL-1 information by using a T4 and RL-1 income earned in Quebec with QPP


If your Quebec employer provided a health insurance, you will note that Quebec Box J is not shown in the T4 / RL-1 page.
This is because the amount of Box J applies as medical expense in the Quebec return only.

The amount of Quebec income tax withheld, Box E, will be included in your federal return, line 437.


Also ignore the incorrect Warning message in your Revision tab,


As your employment was in Quebec, you were subject to the QPP rather than the CPP.
Your QPP pensionable earnings, Box G, are generally the same as Box A.

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