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NETfile error

Ken F.

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I was using Ufile to submit the tax return but there was a warning saying the file couldn't submit due to an error. 
I tried to save, close and then reopen Ufile but found that I couldn't save. I just close the program then.
At the same time, i received a confirmation from CRA with a confirmation number saying my tax return has been received. 
But when I open Ufile again, it still said I haven't return the tax return yet and when I tried re-sending, they prompt an error message saying the tax return has already been received by CRA... 

So now, my Ufile tax return is struck in the position of saying it hasn't send the tax return yet but CRA has confirm they already did.
How do I change that status in Ufile and provide the CRA confirmation number to it?
Also, will this affect the Ufile next year when I do the carry forwarding?



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Hello Ken F.,

VERY IMPORTANT! UFile cannot remove the CRA error message from NETFILE/EFILE tab. It can change only after a *new* NETFILE/EFILE submission.
This can occur when the file was (successfully) Netfiled and then accidently filed again - even during the same session and /or by an accidental resubmit, repost or refresh of page.

It has no impact on the carry forward.

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