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Rental property – how to input co-ownership


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My spouse and I own a rental property (50/50 split). What is a proper way to enter ownership data within the software?  There are two options to input the data – “type of ownership section under “Rental Property Income/Identification” section and “Partners/Ownership by spouse” section. Should I be entering 50% in all these boxes for spouse and myself? Thank you.

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Hello PAvel,

Go to Interview >> Business partners
  >> Spouse co-owner of this rental property “+”  < - - - SELECT HERE
Other partner or co-owner of this rental property:-“

>> Ownership by spouse
Percentage share owned by your spouse   [Generate rental income statement for spouse]  [50%] < - - ENTER % eg. 50%

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Thank you so much.

My question was in relation to seemingly duplicate entry needed under "Identification\type of ownership\your share of ownership" box  (this is Win 10 installable version).

Is it 50% or 100 % (Please see attached image).

Technically it would have to be 50%

Thank you




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