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Moving abroad expenses (no postal code)


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Moving Expenses

T1M - Moving Expenses

I am trying to fill in the "Moving expenses (you moved closer to your school)" -> "Address of the new residence", the software allows me to select "Other (outside Canada)" however it is asking me for a postal code and failing the validation regardless of anything I enter or leave blank as it is validating against Canadian provinces.

Any suggestions on how to go about this?



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Hello CarlosJ,

Example :
Moving expenses (you moved closer to your workplace)
Address of the new residence 
Street             [321 abroad]
City             [Ville]
Province Other    [ (outside of Canada)]
Country         [Tanzania]
Foreign ZIP Code      [1234t6]

T1M :
Address of your new home
Apt No. – Street No. Street name  321 abroad
City Ville
Province or territory Other (outside of Canada)
Postal or ZIP code 1234t6
Country (if outside Canada) Tanzania 

FYI - Move Outside Canada

Moving Expenses from Canada to USA
Did you move to Canada, from Canada, or
between two locations outside Canada?
Did you move to or from Canada?
If you meet all of the conditions and requirements for claiming
moving expenses from page 1, you can claim eligible expenses
for a move to or from Canada if both of the following apply:
• You are a full-time student (including co-operative
student), or a factual or deemed resident of Canada
• You moved from the place where you ordinarily resided to
live in another place where you ordinarily reside
You cannot claim moving expenses if you rent an apartment
in another country where you are working temporarily and you
maintain residential ties in Canada (for example, your spouse
and children remain in your home in Canada) because your
home in Canada is where we consider you to ordinarily reside.

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Hello, please see attached screenshot. It is not even giving me the option of "ZIP code" and the postal address I am trying to enter starts with a number (6000), it wont even let me select a number, it will only accept a letter as the first character trying to match to a Canadian postal code. Not quite sure how this is different from the example you showed me, am I maybe using the wrong form? Thank you.Screenshot.thumb.png.cb0907f744cd6896f9dcafefc3e6329c.png


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Hello CarlosJ,

I can enter the postal code : "6000" (ONLINE in Chrome and Firefox and EDGE) and UFIle Windows

Address of the new residence

Street   [321 abroad]
City [Ville]
Province [Other (outside of Canada)]
Country [Australia]
Foreign ZIP Code [60000]  <- - - Try using x6000


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